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A long-term project 

What is sustainability? It’s the ability to cause little or no damage to the environment to preserve resources for future generation.

How can we do it? By reducing our carbon footprint and buying products that are produced in a respectful way.

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In the rooms and common areas

The products

We decided to remove individual amenities in the bathrooms. Currently we use reusable bottles of products from Caudalie®. This company is part of the association “1% for the Planet” and uses natural products.

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Electricity & heat

We produce our own electricity and heat. How does it work? We use a cogeneration unit powered with natural gaz. What fuel do we use? Our supplier is Bee Energy Forever®, this Belgian company is specialized in green energy.



At Made in Louise, we are doing our best to source all our ingredients localy and/or BIO. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or require more information.

The coffee

We exclusively use Comequi coffee (100% Arabica), a Belgian association that produces coffee in the objective of empowering rural population in Minova, Democratic Republic of Congo. All revenue of the coffee is redistributed to allow them to pursue sustainable development actions for themselves.
You can also enjoy this delicious coffee at the complimentary corner.

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The granolas

After a good night of sleep, we will welcome you at the Breakfast area. There, you’ll find GR’EAT organic granolas, hand baked in Belgium following a secret home recipe. They are rich in fibre and protein to start the day full of energy. You can accompany them with some Belgian organic yogurt and grains.

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The Market place

Reusable water bottles

We want to say stop to single use water bottle. This is why, we work in partnership with Join the Pipe®. It is a Dutch company that believes in the fair access to drinkable water worldwide and the banishment of single use water bottle. To do so they sell reusable plastic Bottles that you can found in our hotel.

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After a long day, there is nothing better than a nice drink around the fire in the relaxing area of the hotel. While doing so, you’ll be served little snacks with it. Well those come from Mad Lab, an organic Belgian biscuit factory producing innovative, healthy and authentic biscuits.

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The Bar/ Market Place


Belixir® is a Belgian soda inspired by traditional Asian recipes. Those drinks were created due to the lack of natural sodas on the market. Belixir® drinks are made from 100% natural products and can be served cold or warm.

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Simone a soif!

Simone a soif is a non-sparkling organic Belgian craft drink. It is the only one in the market that uses steaming procedures to extract the aromas without adding extra-sugar. This drink is produced using local ingredients while applying innovative technics.

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In the market place you will find a selection of 30 different Belgian Beers, some are even from Brussels. They were specially selected to please you all. From dark to white, alcoholic to non-alcoholic we have them all!